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Client Testimonials

“Mark might very well have been the bright spot of my home buying process. I was often in homes an hour after they listed, before others even knew they were on the market. His endless positivity, can-do attitude and responsiveness were unmatched. Mark is honest, straightforward and insanely hardworking, a true gem.”


“Mark Talis of Gledhill Robbins & Talis is the bestest in the midwestest I kid you not. My husband and I moved to Ohio from Washington DC. This pastSpring we entertained the notion of buying a house, but living in DC (our current mortgage including taxes and insurance is LESS than what we paid in rent!) we knew that it just wasn’t a possibility.

Fast forward a couple of months and personal/family crises later, we decide to move back to Ohio to be near family. As first time homebuyers, we had absolutely NO clue what we were doing. God clearly sent us Mark because in a down housing market and economy like this, its a wonder that we weren’t eaten alive and taken advantage of by subpar or no par realtors. We looked online for houses in our price range and one weekend I tentatively sent out email inquiries to listing agents hoping to see the houses. It took two days before I responded to the onslaught of voicemails and emails that ensued. I was so overwhelmed by the response. And everyone sounded so nice! How in the world do you choose a realtor?! My husband and I couldn’t rely on referrals since we don’t know anyone in Columbus. Just as I was freaking out and trying to schedule individual appointments with each seperate realtor, Mark contacts me and says, “Sure I’ll show my listing. Would you like to see a couple other ones as well?” Yes please! Exactly what I needed. Someone to take charge. I figured I could also gauge whether or not Mark could figure out our tastes. He did that and more. He treated us like we had a budget 100K more than we did. Closing was last week. It was effortless and went smoothly. Mark was organized and honest throughout the entire process. Once we are ready for a houseful of kids, we will be back to use him as our seller and hopefully a home even more awesome than this one! This is our first home and we will remember the homebuying process for the rest of our lives. I’m so happy that Mark will be part of those memories. We seriously couldn’t have done it without him. Oh and did I mention that due to work schedules we could ONLY look at houses on Saturdays? Mark goes HARD. He gave up his Saturdays this summer, for us! This guy. Snag him for your realtor!”


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