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Client Testimonials

“We had a great experience working with Liz! She helped make sure we had the best offer for our dream house! Liz also sold our house in just one day. We’d definitely recommend her to anyone!”


“I highly recommend Liz Pione without any reservations. She’s smart, strategic, tenacious, trustworthy and an absolute joy to work with. The first day my house went on the market I had three escalating offers above asking price.”


“We had a complicated situation and Liz navigated it with ease for us. Not only was she extremely easy to work with, but her extensive knowledge, professionalism and most of all, patience, was outstanding. She showed us over 50 homes before we found “the one,” and she never pressured us or encouraged us to make a decision before we were ready. In addition, she negotiated well on our behalf for extra time to move and household items I wanted to take. She went above and beyond and even offered to help clean out our basement when we running behind with our move. If you’re considering using Liz for your realty needs, don’t hesitate.”


“Liz is fair, professional, knowledgeable, and works hard for her clients. I can’t imaging working with anyone else. Both of our buying and selling experiences have been fantastic with Liz and her team. She was patient with us as we sought to find a home in a challenging market and hung with us in the process. Highly recommend!”


“As a first time home buyer, hiring someone who suits your family is your best weapon to find the perfect home. Liz was our ideal blend of a strong, experienced realtor with the integrity and drive of a close, professional friend. Armed with quick answers to our most random questions, Liz made finding our home less intimidating with her personal charm and steadfast honesty. Cheers, Liz. You rule.”


“Our dream home sat just across the street from us, so when we heard it was being listed, we were ecstatic and didn’t want to lose this chance.

Initially, we attempted to negotiate on our own, but it quickly got messy, we were in over our heads, and we saw ‘our house’ slipping away. We brought Liz in and she was able to rectify things with the listing agent and help negotiate a contract we were comfortable with and happy to sign. Liz listed our house in record time since we needed to sell our house in order to buy the new home. Liz basically told us to trust her, and so we did. Two days later we were in contract above asking with multiple offers! Things couldn’t have gone more smoothly with her guidance.

It is because of Liz that we have our forever home, and I am forever grateful.”


“We first met Liz Pione when we bought our Bexley home a few years ago, as she was the listing agent. When our family needed more space, we knew Liz was the best person for the job. Liz was great in advising us on getting our house ready, pricing and marketing. We ended up with dozens of showings and 9 offers. It was all very overwhelming, but her experience helped us negotiate a great deal, and her hands-on approach removed stress and calmed our nerves. We highly recommend Liz to anyone buying or selling in Columbus!”


“We all know buying/selling your home can be anxiety-producing, terrifying, and risky with a glimpse of exciting, if all goes as planned. Well, compound that with a fresh divorce, working full time, completing a graduate degree, and raising four kids with ferocious appetites and record-breaking growth charts. In January of 2017, I decided we needed a new adventure that included much more square footage. I contacted Liz Pione, and in what seemed like minutes, she was at my dining room table, drinking coffee, laughing at my kids and developing a plan with me. We lapped my small, cozy, chaotic home, made a couple lists and a timeline. I desperately wanted to stay in the community I have grown to love and depended on, Bexley, but understood square footage in an extraordinary microcosm comes at a price. Nonetheless, we persisted thinking of “outside the box” options and remaining open-minded. Then, the stars aligned, and 801 College Ave fell into our option box.

This glorious home had been unwanted and overlooked for about a year. It was sad, needed time, money, attention and mostly a family to call it home.  Liz and I looked at the pictures online and laughed a bit but still thought this giant turn of the century home could be exactly what my family desired. We made an appointment to see the house. With my kids in tow, we opened the unlocked, ill-fitting, front door and entered the musty smell of college boys, dirty laundry, and old sandwiches in backpacks. I pretty much knew then I was home. Liz and I looked beyond the obvious and saw original hard word floors from 1908, glorious crown molding, thick base boards, build ins, and space–incredible, rare, desirable south Bexley space.

From that point, it was basically a breeze thanks to Liz. She taught me how to prep/stage my home, directed me to an outstanding mortgage professional and provided play by play updates. She even showed up with tennis shoes and throw rugs one afternoon, stating “We need to do more.” Once the house was prepped and ready, Liz sold my home at asking price, as is, with a no rent back clause to a fabulous family in 20 hours.

I resided at my previous home until the college boys graduated and moved out. I had 12 days to make my new home “livable.” Liz connected me with outstanding, reliable professionals that included contractors, flooring specialists and an electrician. We all got our game faces on, and within 12 days my children and I were able to move in to our new home.

I am extremely thankful for Liz and her tireless hard work. She is professional, direct, and offers the type of comfort of which only a dear friend is capable.”


“Liz assisted our family with one of the most unique challenges a homeowner and Realtor may face; which was selling property, buying another home, while welcoming a new family addition.  The skill set that stood out the most was her ability to plan and negotiate between both of the transitions and execute them with ease, she was always  available to advise.  This experience will remarkably be forever etched into our life.”


“The rental property I owned for 10 years turned out to have a lot of issues I didn’t know about when I decided to sell. Liz negotiated a complex remedy situation, reassured the buyer, helped me find several contractors and even oversaw the work for me since I now live overseas. I was extremely fortunate and grateful to have an experienced professional on my side to manage a very challenging situation. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone looking to sell their home.”


“We had a friend who knew Liz and had heard great things about her. We are so glad we listened to the recommendation. After Liz heard what we were looking for, she started the hunt for the perfect place. No text, email or phone call was too early or too late for her. She was more than accommodating when we wanted to see a house. She was also very honest when it came to homes. She would voice her opinion when needed. She wasn’t afraid to let us know if something was overpriced or something was wrong with a house. I would recommend Liz to anyone!  She found us our house and we couldn’t be happier!!:


“Liz Pione is an awesome Realtor. As a first-time home buyer, the idea of investing in a house seemed overwhelming and scary. We were looking in very competitive areas of the city where houses were going off the market the same day they were listed, we were selective and also hesitant to pull the trigger…so not the easiest of clients. Liz was attentive, responsive, patient, honest and gave us great advice. She made the entire process simple and straightforward. She definitely went above and beyond to find us the perfect house. We are now homeowners in Bexley and we are THRILLED with the home & neighborhood.”


“We would strongly recommend Liz Pione to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I can’t say enough about what she did for us. She was our partner and advocate at every step of the process. As first time home buyers, we were totally naive and needed a lot of nurturing and hand holding. Over the better part of a year, Liz helped us figure out what was the intersection of we wanted, needed and could actually afford.

She watched the market like a hawk, always thinking about what would really work for us. We were eager to move, and another realtor probably could have sold us an overpriced or imperfect home and moved on to other clients. But Liz listened to what we wanted and encouraged us to wait for the right opportunity.

In addition to just being a really nice and down-to-earth person, Liz was always extremely responsive. She even helped us put an offer together while she was out of state and on vacation. She did so many little things that were above and beyond. As an example, she helped us set up a meeting with the principal of an elementary school.

Liz earned our complete and total trust. We feel very lucky to have found her. Don’t hesitate to give her a call.”


“Job well done! We love our new home and want to recognize your efforts to make it happen. You listened to our wants and needs and made sure we were comfortable with the property, sales terms and closing process. Your professionalism and focus on customer satisfaction were spot on. We look forward to recommending you to family and friends who might be interested in a home in the greater Columbus market.”


“As both a buyer agent and seller agent, Liz Pione was an excellent, hands-on, knowledgeable resource for our family from day one. She was responsive to texts/calls/emails, knows the Bexley market, and went above and beyond the call of duty. Before we listed our home, Liz walked through and made suggestions on improvements and projects. We made all her suggested changes, and had multiple above-list offers within 24 hours. As a buyer agent, Liz provided seasoned advice and insight and helped to guide us through a multiple offer situation to secure the exact house we hoped for. We highly recommend Liz Pione.”


“Our family moved from Bexley to Granville, and Liz Pione expertly coordinated the entire process of both buying and selling the homes.
Liz exceeded our expectation in every way! She sells many homes in our neighborhood and upon her first visit, she offered suggestions to improve our home’s marketability, and informed us that our home¹s value was much greater than we expected. She had a great strategy for selling, which resulted in multiple offers over asking price on the first day. With 2 young children and a dog, we didn’t have it in us to keep the house ready for weeks of showings. We appreciated how available she was whether via phone, text or email. She had spot on advice and kept us ahead of the curve through the entire process. Thank you Liz!”


“Liz did a great job selling our Bexley home. With her strong connections to other realtors in the area, the buyers were identified even before we had the house on the market. Liz’s recommendations for the listing price, negotiations for the final sale price, and negotiations for the remedies were right every time. The entire process was smooth, seamless and wrapped up before we knew it.”


“Liz Pione was a great help in our quest to find our dream home. As first time home buyers, she helped us navigate through a wide range of real estate interests, and focus our search for the perfect home for us. She made the buying process smooth, and managed all of the details of a ‘for sale by owner’ purchase. Our buying experience was great overall, and we are very happy in our new home. When the purchase of our house was complete, we were sad to know we wouldn’t be seeing Liz anymore!”


“Working with Liz Pione was an absolute pleasure! She had come highly recommended by a friend of mine, and I quickly learned why. Liz expertly zeroed in on matching the needs of my family with a house that suit us. She was mindful of our budget “comfort zone” and did not push houses that stretched that. Further, Liz found us an immaculate house in a desirable location that hadn’t even been listed yet, so we had “first dibs” on bidding! Our house buying experience was void of unnecessary stress, and we were able to navigate smoothly because we had an exemplary professional guiding us. Thank you, Liz!”


“MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! Thank you, Liz.  Once we realized it was time to TRY and sell our “homestead in the country” and move across the country to be near our kids, we weren’t sure we could actually pull it off. We did as much research as possible for “lay people” and discovered we would have to sell our home for TOP dollar in order to afford anything in the market we wanted to move to which has a 30% higher cost of living than Ohio. We talked with several Realtors who were all over the board with their price analysis. Then Liz came in! Her analysis didn’t have the highest listing price, but it was the most reasonable. We didn’t have a lot of room for negotiation — BUT….we LIKED Liz and thought we would give her a try. We knew we didn’t HAVE to sell our home, which was paid for, if we didn’t think we would be able to buy one out west within our budget.
The process was stressful for us. Liz was constantly reassuring us and keeping us calm while I knew she was the one working her magic in the background. We WERE in such good hand but most importantly, we TRUSTED Liz. She knew what she was doing. She was very professional, patient, and experienced. We were on the same page. She knew what we wanted and we were pleased she didn’t pressure us to drop the price. She was definitely working for US. And when crunch time came and the little details needed handled, she was spot on them insuring they got done flawlessly and our house was SOLD. She was there for us every step of the way. I am sure nobody else could have done this with the very difficult parameters we had.
I only wish she could have come with us and been our Realtor on the other end of this project so we could have had that same “I’VE GOT YOUR BACK” feeling.
It started as a Professional relationship but grew into a friendship where I can comfortably recommended Liz as if she were family.  Thanks, Liz.”


“I had a challenging home to sell, but Liz was persistent in her marketing efforts. From staging to professional photos, she really made my home look it’s best for the online buyers. She helped me negotiate the best possible deal and was always available to answer questions and explain my options. I trusted her instincts and experience and I definitely recommend Liz if you are looking to buy or sell a home.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Liz Pione as my Realtor. She sold my home quickly (literally- days) and helped to find me a great downtown condo.
She was on top of the logistics and timing of the process and provided peace of mind so that I could deal with my job and the move without worrying about
deadlines, tasks and other things to keep the process going smoothly.”


“Liz Pione was THE ideal Realtor to work with when I decided I wanted to look into buying my first home. Amazingly, she found me a house that was not yet on the market. This was huge, as inventory has been very low in South Bexley. Liz was extremely patient with me and explained each step of the process. She was able to speak on my behalf to the sellers so that I received the best deal possible and recommended a number of reliable professionals to assist me with the financing, inspection, and second opinions. Liz kept me up to date on everything that was going on and was always available to answer questions or concerns. I don’t know what I would have done without Liz by my side during the entire process, reassuring me through those moments when it felt like the closing date would never come. Buying my first home was a positive experience because I had Liz Pione as my Realtor.”


“Liz was both proactive and confidently relaxed through our entire home search and buying process. This market was very new to us, and she was always available to patiently and expertly answer any questions. She was able to determine what we needed to do to win the home we wanted in a multiple offer situation. We trusted her completely and could not have imagined a better experience. Thank you, Liz!”


“We have worked with Liz to sell our previous home and purchase our current home. There is no realtor I would rather work with. She is prompt in communication, on top of latest trends, professional and truly represents the best interests of her clients. We knew throughout every aspect of the transactions that if we listened to Liz’s advice, we would make the best possible choice. Whether it was in replacing carpet prior to putting our house on the market or adjusting our remedy requests, Liz knew how to negotiate all aspects. Hands down, Liz is simply the best.”


“Going through the selling and buying process with Liz, my wife and I trust her completely and will continue to use her in the future. Great communication, a realistic approach to real estate and an attention to detail separates Liz from other Realtors.”


“Liz is class personified. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market and was always focused on our home buying needs. She was quickly able to identify the style and features we were looking for in a home and tailor visits to our specific needs. She was also very knowledgeable about the financial aspects of the deal, explaining every step in how to obtain pre-approval, transfer timelines, and other aspects of the actual purchase. She’s not solely focused on making a sale. She was focused on making sure we found a home that truly satisfied all our expectations and was within our price range. She is easily accessible and was willing to meet with us very late in the evening on one occasion to try and make a deal work for us (on a weekend no less). We highly recommend her for her expertise and command of the greater Columbus market.”


“Thank you for all of your work in selling our house in a very short time. When we first met, we knew that you would be the right person as the listing agent and that you would bring in the buyers who were looking for our style of house. We didn’t know that you would accomplish this all in less than a week.”


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